A Vacation from Your Workout: Never a Good Idea

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In a couple of days, I leave for Jamaica. I literally cannot wait. As I am thinking about all the great bikinis, sandals and sundresses I am bringing, I am also thinking about packing my workout clothes, and writing my workout schedule. I am not lying!

No, I am not crazy. There is never a good time to take a vacation from your workout. Even though a vacation is a chance to escape and relax from the stresses of everyday living, it can be the best time to get in a good workout. On average, a person gains between 3-5 pounds while on vacation.

Being on vacation affords you more time and gives you that relax, chill feel that makes it perfect to squeeze in an early morning jog on the beach, a quick sweat session in the gym, yoga on the beach, body weight exercises on your balcony; pick your favorite.  Just be sure to work it in as there is good reason to make time for it.

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Why? On vacation, you will allow yourself to eat things you normally do not eat like sugar and carbohydrates. You will likely consume an additional 300 – 500 more calories or more a day than when you are not on vacation. Think about it…one frozen drink can be up to 800 calories. You might even snack a bit more or spend more time sitting around. A vacation is meant to be all those things. I don’t want you to miss out on the fun and relaxation, so that is why I advocate for getting in a good workout.

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I don’t mean daily. You don’t have to. Normally, I work out daily, but while on vacation, I’ll only work out about every other day [so 4 or 5 times out of 8 days]. On my days off, I will make sure to at least get a long walk on the beach or spend the night grooving and dancing. You can burn up to 445 calories dancing for one hour.

When working out on vacation, a good workout is one that hits as many body parts as possible in one session. Since you won’t be doing your normal 4-6 days a week, covering all body parts, you want to focus on as many as you can in one day. That said, it also makes sense to work some cardio into your work out (think HIIT exercises).

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Here are three workouts I will be doing during my vacation. I also found a few cool ones on Pinterest. Feel free to try them whether you will be on vacation or not. Follow me on Instagram @deezworkoutz to keep up with my vacation workouts and other antics.

Day 1 (3 Rounds for 3 Sets of 12 – 15 Each)

Pike Jump or Donkey Kick, Squat Jump, Hanging Leg Lifts

Curtsey Squat, Body Weight Step-Ups (One Leg at a Time), Side Squat

Squat, Single Leg Lunge, Side Bends

Dead Lifts, Single Leg Dead Lifts, Decline Bench Sit Ups


Day 2 (3 Rounds for 3 Sets of 12 – 15 Each)

Plank (Hold for 45 Seconds) – Into a Plank Twist (Side-to-Side), Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Tricep Extension, Concentration Curls, Mountain Climbers

Tricep Dips, Barbell Bicep Curls, Bicycle Crunches, Burpee into Jump

Dolphin Push Ups, Swooping Curls, Running Man


Day 3 (3 Rounds for 3 Sets of 12 -15 Each)

Push ups, Burpees, Ball Slams on Floor

Seated Row, Chest Flys, Crunches

Back Lunge into Forward Kick, Elbow Plank Push Ups, Squat Kick

Butt Lift, Single Leg Butt Lift, Froggies (Burpee Jump to Hands but Don’t Stand all the Way Up)

Now you’re home and you get on the scale and even though you hit the gym as often as you could, you still gained a few pounds. Don’t wallow in self-pity; the most important thing to do is to get right back into your routine. Get back to eating healthy and hit the gym the first day you are home.

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