Skip These Foods and Skip the Pounds

Summer is here in a few short days. You’ve got back yard BBQs and other summer soirees, visitors and many outings that likely have you freaking out about what to eat. Heck, Summer may have crept [...]


Avoid the ‘Resolution Rut’

Okay so you’ve made your New Year’s resolution. Now what? Whether it was to get fit, eat better or alleviate stress, it’s always easier said than done. Where do you get started and how do you [...]


Work Travel; No Sweat

I Mean You Should Sweat Many of us travel often for our jobs, and many of us (yes, me included) struggle to stick to our workout routines while we are on the road. This just happened to me and it [...]


A Vacation from Your Workout: Never a Good Idea

In a couple of days, I leave for Jamaica. I literally cannot wait. As I am thinking about all the great bikinis, sandals and sundresses I am bringing, I am also thinking about packing my workout [...]


Gym Etiquette 101

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while, but ya know things happen. Well, no longer can my Gym Etiquette Blog wait as there has just been way too much chaos in the gym that I feel the need to [...]