Vitola Well helps overtaxed women find balance through health, lifestyle and executive wellness coaching.

What is Vitola Well?
A Holistic Approach To Health & Wellness Coaching


My clients work with, me, a hands on, certified and trained specialist who teaches them how to put their wellness goals at the center of their life.


I look at fitness, food, nutrition, relationships, career and lifestyle as part of overall wellness. Best of all. We do it together. I partner with you and teach you so you can one day do this on your own.


Every person is different. My priority is to work with my clients in partnership taking the time to customize realistic health and wellness plans that are adoptable in your daily lives forever.

Why Vitola Well?

Denise Vitola marries her personal health experience with her years of being an award-winning, industry leading executive in marketing and public relations, to offer the most reasonable and attainable wellness plans for her clients. Having been through the journey herself, she lends a hands on approach pulled from those experiences paired with her certifications in coaching and personal training, to make what she does very unique.

She delivers more success to her clients than anyone out there because of her tailored, personalized and personal approach. She is a motivator and aims to inspire each person’s life she touches.

Her priority is to work with her clients in partnership taking the time to customize realistic health and wellness plans that are adoptable in their daily lives forever.

Getting Started

Vitola Well has an easy five-step approach where Denise will be with you every step of the way.

  • Assessment

    First, we need to assess your health and wellness and understand your goals. These are very different for each person.

  • In Person Kick Off

    This is where we will go over your health assessment, clearly outline a health and wellness program for you, set goals and get started.

  • Coaching Sessions/Check Ins

    We will meet often to go over progress, goals and begin solving any issues or problems that came up in the Health Assessment.

  • Homework

    In addition to exercise and eating right, there will be some homework assignments like journaling and writing down your values.

  • Culmination

    Review the entire program, assess whether goals were met, what could be done differently, develop a sustainable program to follow.

Health & Wellness Advisor

  • Certified Integrative Institute of Nutrition Health and
    Wellness Coach
  • Named 2017/18 Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero
  • Active blogger and health & wellness influencer with an
    impressive social footprint
  • Motivational speaker
  • Expert interviewee
  • Corporate health and wellness trainer
  • Advice and coaching for personal and executive
    wellness plans
  • Assists clients in being well on the inside (with employees)
    and outside (with external audiences)
  • Approaches wellness holistically looking at fitness, food,
    nutrition, relationships, career and lifestyle
Services: Health and Wellness Coaching
Workshops & Training

Workshops & Training

  • Conduct group coaching sessions

  • Train staff on ways to improve their health (focus can be on fitness, nutrition, how to eliminate stress at home/work)

  • Group workshops where attendees learn how to live their best life possible

  • Host workshops and trainings on how to use the Journey to V Well.

  • Lead group fitness sessions.

One-On-One Training

One-On-One Training

  • Work one-on-one with clients to create be spoke health and wellness solutions

  • Assess stages in health, conduct ongoing coaching sessions in person or via phone

  • Implement Journey to V Well program

  • Provide ongoing tools and tips, including recipes, fitness plans, stress relieving exercises, etc.

  • Deliver culmination program recap

Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

  • Hire as motivational speaker at conferences, companies and events

  • Focus on health and wellness

  • Provide empowerment and life changing messages

  • Present visual presentation during all talks

Praise & Kudos
  • Thank you again, Denise, for always being there for me! You're the absolute best!!  Talking to you always puts things in perspective, makes me feel better and motivates me.

  • Anyone who is looking for a supportive kick in the ass, Denise knows how to give the tough love, while also being helpful and caring. If you know what to do and don't know how to go about it or are starting from scratch on a wellness journey, Denise can tailor it for you. And, she's been through a transformation that helps her relate to anyone on a journey. Denise is a great coach to have on your side/in your corner. She knows when to push you and when to let you give yourself a break.

  • Denise has made a tremendous impact on my professional and personal growth. Most important, she is helping me to prioritize my life and what's important. Realizing that my personal and professional roles influence each other was a huge breakthrough. She helped me realize that I have achieved tremendous success professionally despite how I view my accomplishments. It's now time to determine what I want in my life. Further, she is teaching me how my values impact all of my relationships. This exercise helped me develop a road map to achieve my goals AND be happy in life by MY definition of happiness.

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