Avoid the ‘Resolution Rut’

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Okay so you’ve made your New Year’s resolution. Now what? Whether it was to get fit, eat better or alleviate stress, it’s always easier said than done. Where do you get started and how do you stick with it?

I stopped making new year resolutions years ago as it seemed futile. Instead, I began thinking about fresh starts and life changes that would get me to a better place, which was closer to happiness and healthiness. It’s hard to jump feet first into something you know very little about, and it’s hard to map out a plan that will ultimately lead to success in meeting those long-term goals if you don’t know what to expect. Moreover, it is hard to go cold turkey and completely change old habits. So here in lies the problem as to why I began to think resolutions were pointless [in my opinion]. However, I’ve helped myself change that mindset by creating better solutions, and I want to help you beat what I call the “Resolution Rut” too.

Start by taking it one step at a time. I know that sounds cliché, but seriously; start by stopping. Stop setting more than one goal. Instead set one goal with numerous ways of how you plan to achieve it. In short, become a planner, which means making a plan to support one single action. For example, if your goal is to eliminate sugar, you’d have some supporting goals for it like eat more fruit, eat less processed foods or eliminate candy. Having one goal with specific ways to execute that goal will help you conquer it more successfully.

How else can you accomplish that goal? Tap into someone who can help. Experts say having a partner or buddy to support your goal is the single most factor to winning. Buddies can come in the form of a friend, colleague, neighbor or you may want to hire someone who is an expert in that area, and can help you professionally like a personal trainer. Hitting the gym for the first time or even for the first time in a long time, is overwhelming. There are so many exercises, so many machines and so many people. I highly recommend talking to a personal trainer even if for a few sessions, to get the lay of the land, and learn the ropes a bit better.
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Whatever your resolution is this year and even if you don’t have one, but think getting healthy sounds like a good thing, here are some easy ways to get started and make wellness a habit.

Forget the Resolution – Goal Set. Every 3 months, set goals and plan for how you are going to achieve them. Write them down. Writing them down is a crucial step in goal setting. When you write something down you are more likely to take it seriously. Check back on those goals periodically to see how you are doing. It is okay if you are not succeeding in all areas. Recalibrate, which may mean tweaking goals along the way, reset and forge ahead with a new-found passion.

Reward Yourself – When you goal set, you should also write next to each goal a reward you can have once you’ve achieved it. This is not food. For example, once you’ve reached a milestone, you are rewarded with a massage or those sneakers you’ve always wanted.

Tell Yourself You are Healthy – If you want to get healthy, tell yourself you are a healthy person. The power of believing is often half the battle. Believe in yourself and you will become who you believe you are.

Stop Dieting – While I believe in many diets like Weight Watchers, Whole 30,and the Paleo Diet, you cannot be on any of those for the rest of your life. Those diets are a good way to get you started, but you have to learn how to eat for life, which I believe is eating natural. Eating natural means eating those things raised on a farm or grown from the earth. Steer clear of anything that is created in a factory. Monsanto is not your friend, and neither are any of the food manufacturers. Sorry. Your friend is the farmer.

Invest in Your Health – If you can afford a pedicure from time to time, lunch or dinner out once a week, or a Starbucks every other day, then you can afford a coach. One of the latest trends in health and wellness is hiring a Health Coach. A Health Coach is a knowledgeable individual like myself (shameless plug) who can be your cheerleader, hold you accountable, and help pave the right path for your health journey. I am offering specials on my packages now (another shameless plug) Inquire today.

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So why set goals (or have a resolution as the news is currently saying). There are many benefits to having purpose and a life’s road map.

For one, you will live longer. You will be more motivated, have more energy, and it makes you a more dynamic person. And, get this, a huge benefit is goals are contagious, so your friends will thank you for being a positive influence on their lives.

Shameless plug #3, but heck this is my blog, don’t know where to get started, contact me at denise@vitolastrategies.com today.

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