Skincare? You Better Care.

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In honor of “Woman Crush Wednesday,” I like to feature other bloggers I love. When it comes to being healthy, people focus far to often only on eating well and fitness. I am a big proponent of overall health, which includes taking care of your skin too. With exercise, a good diet and skin health, you can look far younger than what the calendar says. Who doesn’t want that?

With that, today, I am tapping into the expertise of Clara Smart from Clara is inspired by the faith that women all over the world take care of their skin in a smart and healthy way by knowing more about and using the right skin care routines and products to maintain beautiful and young looking skin.

Here’s what Clara has to say about healthy skin.

Any woman should have her own skin care routine for a healthy life. It’s essential especially after you hit your 30s, and your exercising more, when the skin can start aging and become wrinkly. If you don’t know how to fight this, here are some must know about tips and skincare ideas for optimal skin health.

Face Mask Tips

From now on, start looking for anti-aging face masks to replace your common masks. Try to use the ingredients you have in your kitchen and avoid chemical formulas. Focus on the problematic areas, including the wrinkles and dull parts of the skin that seem to be covered with dead cells. Work on your complexion and skin tone trying to make it even and flawless. Consider using honey as one of the main ingredients in your face masks. Opt for brightening and whitening masks as well as avocado and tea-based face masks. Find out where to get the best facial clay masks that provide your skin with enhanced elasticity.


Essential Oils

The use of essential oils has an old and rich history. Women who have discovered the benefits of essential oils seem to know everything about skin care and beauty. A multitude of essential oils have real anti-aging benefits. They are usually used along with Asian face massages that help to get rid of wrinkles. Natural oils make the skin soft, glowing and smooth. They are perfect for women of all age groups, but their result is best seen after regular usage, so be patient.

Anti-Aging Products

If DIY is not your cup of tea, then let’s leave the task to the professionals. Consult with a dermatologist to know what products your skin needs to become more youthful and fresh. Also, consider high-quality and popular brands that offer fantastic anti-aging formulas for different skin types and ages. When choosing a product, check out the ingredient list and make sure they fit your skin condition. If you use a wrong product, it may even damage your skin.


When it comes to creams, you must be more than careful in your choice. Pick up an anti-aging night cream and work against wrinkles. Never underestimate the importance of night creams. You need to use them for a number of reasons. Night creams make the skin very soft, fresh and youthful. They have the ability to kill dead cells and provide you with even and flawless complexion. You will feel the result after a month or so of regular usage. The rest of creams (hand, feet etc.) should also be chosen according to your age.

Sunscreen and Moisturizer

Dermatologists believe that sunscreen and moisturizer are also effective anti-aging products to consider. Start using them every day and you’ll notice a big difference after a while. Make sure they have broad spectrum defense, SPF 30 (or higher) and water resistance. In fact, moisturizers help to minimize fine lines and sunscreen protects the skin during the whole day.

These tips are sure fire, innovative solutions for anyone who wants to sparkle even after her youth.

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