Skip These Foods and Skip the Pounds

Summer is here in a few short days. You’ve got back yard BBQs and other summer soirees, visitors and many outings that likely have you freaking out about what to eat. Heck, Summer may have crept [...]


Eat It, Eat It (No, Not a Weird Al Yankovic Song)

As a Health Coach, I get a lot of the same questions: what should I cut from my diet? What shouldn’t I be eating? What’s bad for me? My answer to those questions is why focus on the negative? Why [...]


Avoid the ‘Resolution Rut’

Okay so you’ve made your New Year’s resolution. Now what? Whether it was to get fit, eat better or alleviate stress, it’s always easier said than done. Where do you get started and how do you [...]


Just Can’t Stop Smiling

It’s been a year since Vitola Strategies has been in business. I am happy to report it has not only been a successful year for Vitola Strategies, but it has also been one of the best years of my [...]


Quid Pro Quo or No?

Can I ask a favor? I’ve heard that so many times throughout my career especially in the last 10 years when I’ve been senior enough to really deliver on the ask. It’s been anything from helping [...]


Skincare? You Better Care.

In honor of “Woman Crush Wednesday,” I like to feature other bloggers I love. When it comes to being healthy, people focus far to often only on eating well and fitness. I am a big [...]