Does Halloween [Candy] Scare You?

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Every year it’s the same thing. You can’t wait for Halloween, but you loathe the candy that your kids collect with their door-to-door trick or treating festivities. The fun [and even healthy part] is dressing the kids up and trotting around the neighborhood with your friends and family.

The big scare is all the candy you collect at the end of all that healthy walking.  Truth is there’s not much you will find in your bags full of candy that will be good for you or your kids, but you can’t be a ‘Debbie Downer’ and spoil the fun for everyone.

How do you handle the overload of candy around Halloween?

Start with something you already know. Moderation.

One to two candies are alright, but anything more than that will send your diet plans on a downward spiral. I usually choose one of my favorites and/or something I have not had before that I can try.  I then use a knife to cut them in small pieces to bag for one piece a day that week.

Quality Over Quantity

If you have sacks full of candy that can feed the entire population on Facebook, sit down with the family and allow everyone to choose a few of their favorites and then plan on donating the rest of the candy. You can bring it to the office, community meeting or send it overseas to the military.

Make a Trail Mix

Go ahead open those M&Ms and Hershey Kisses and drop them in a somewhat healthy trail mix you can use for a grab and go snack.

Freeze for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah

There is always a moment when candy has a seat at the table and that is during a holiday. Freeze some of the candy and use it for a special occasion verses indulging when it is not necessary. If you are having a lot of guests for Thanksgiving, it is a terrific way to get rid of a lot of that candy at one single time, or creatively decorate those Christmas and Hanukkah presents by attaching a piece of chocolate.

Holiday Décor

Shortly after Halloween, you will be decorating for the December holidays. Candy is a fantastic way to accent your décor whether trimming a tree or creating a calendar, it helps bring an additional flair to boring décor.


If you simply don’t want to have Halloween candy in your home, there are still ways to enjoy the holiday. There are various organizations hosting fun Halloween parties in lieu of trick or treating. You can opt for some apple bobbing and corn mazes at your local community center or even some schools. In this instance, google is your friend. Plug in Halloween activities and events + your area and you’ll see a listing of many things. I did it for my area and there were many to choose from.

You can still have fun this Halloween and avoid the sugar high and excess calories. Think of the holiday beyond collecting candy. It has a lot of behind it, which has nothing to do with trick or treating. Spend time with your little ones telling Halloween stories and playing games. This Halloween, I am all about my dogs. I am going to dress them up and take them on a Halloween Dog run [that I found when googling Halloween events in my area]. I am not a big candy person anyway and the chore of having to find a home for all that candy is exhausting.

Comment below with what challenges you think will be the hardest for you this Halloween for the chance to be chosen for a free one-on-one 30 minute coaching consultation with me.

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