Why I Decided to Leave the Agency World

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I woke up scared from a nightmare worried I never lived my life to its fullest. The nightmare was about how I kept working in Marketing and PR and kept rising up in the industry, but I was empty. I was not the best person I could possibly be. I was not happy and I felt unfulfilled.
The life that has been afforded to me, with the lifestyle I was leading, was rewarding materialistically, but not emotionally.

Nightmare or bad day at work? The truth is it felt like reality. So that’s when I began to ponder more deeply about what I truly wanted to do.

Why did I have that nightmare?
What was God or the World trying to tell me?
Had I lost perspective?

I sat up in bed and looked to my right. I saw my biggest supporter [aside from my Dad and Mom] laying next to me. Why did he stay with me when all I did was work and prioritize so many things before him? Senseless things.

Happiness matters. Health matters. Damn it, my husband matters. I felt out of control.

I got out of bed, picked up my phone, and started googling wellness, entrepreneurship, passion and other types of things related. I was searching for happiness really. I wanted what’s next. I wanted to laugh. A genuine laugh. Smile more. An authentic smile. I did not want to smile because of my new Chanel bag. I wanted to smile because I made someone else’s life better.

That next day, I vowed to be better. I began living better. I focused on eating well and exercising hard. I always exercised, but I needed to put my mind back in it, and not make it a token I could mention during my business meetings. It hit me. I needed to eliminate stress, find spirituality and make my relationships better.


I’ve been blessed with a very successful career, winning awards for myself and my clients so I thought I should capitalize on that and start something of my own. Working in PR and Marketing for most of my career [in the health and wellness space] has led me to something I’ve been wanting to do since playing sports my entire life and working out in a gym since 1989. Yes, for a very long time. I am officially opening the doors to my own consultancy. It’s Vitola Strategies and it launches today.

Vitola Strategies, captures my spiritual journey and my passion by focusing on helping brands and people live and be well. I am determined to help the world be a better place for all of us. That said, I will be providing my senior expertise in the areas of Marketing, Social and PR with an emphasis on health and wellness.

My passion is also elevating my “Wellness Coach” status. I will be spending some of my time going to school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to compliment and educate myself further in areas of overall health and wellness, nutrition and fitness. I will provide Wellness Coaching services too.

The need for this is greater than it has been. The health ecosystem around me really scares me and how it is not helping people live well. In fact, it is not sustainable. Costs are sky high and continue to escalate while the public continues to depend more and more on prescriptions that mask symptoms rather than heal the root of the cause.

That inspires me to want to help others build healthy habits to live the best of their life. I want them to live healthier, longer lives. It’s my passion. And, according to Amy Keller Laird of Women’s Health Magazine in it’s September issue, she agrees [below picture from her Letter from the Editor column].



I want to do my part by offering services that are affordable and valuable, and the ones people truly need like how to regain energy, reduce stress, deal with post pregnancy, and aging bodies, or how to detox their lives and tips for spiritual cleansings.

So as I embark on this new adventure, I will begin taking on clients seeking Marketing, Social and PR services with an emphasis on making the world a healthier place. I believe all brands have an obligation to change health and wellness as it stands today. My work and personal life experience, and journey that I am on now, make me the best choice and partner to help clients be well and deliver wellness options to their customers to positively impact their lives and the world around them.

Now let me be clear. My path may not be the path for everyone. That’s what is really cool about life. Everyone gets to pick their own adventure. The takeaway is find your happiness, and when you do, trust me, you will be in a state of euphoria as I am.

I’ve never felt more energized than I do today. I am thrilled and excited about what lies ahead. It’s all opportunity.  I hope this is inspiration to you. I invite you to follow my journey on my blog and social media channels. Let me know how I can help you or others you know.

I am inviting you to visit my website Vitola Strategies  to learn more about what I am doing.

I hope our paths cross.


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