Get Your Gym Fashion Game On

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If every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway, then why shouldn’t that be the case at the gym. I’ve recently become more obsessed with my gym wardrobe than my work wardrobe. I guess the shift happened when I started thinking about what’s important [to me] in life, and let’s get real people, it’s your health.

As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I spend a lot of time shopping. I love clothes and I love how they are an expression of who I am. Another huge part of who I am is fitness, health and wellness, and spending tons of time in the gym. So if it’s true that the world is my runway, I wanted my gym style to be as cool as my street style.

Looking and feeling good at the gym can be effortless and well worth your while because when you look good, you feel good – so show off your progress.

Here’s how I upped my gym fashion game with the latest and hottest trends in fit fashion. Below are five of my favorite sexy, hot fit fashion trends that I adore rocking during my grueling workouts.


It’s all about the straps. Sports bras come in all shapes and sizes, but the coolest are the ones with the most straps. You can find straps in the front and in the back. The look I try to achieve is showing off those sexy straps with a low cut tank or a see-through or mesh top (see more on that below).

Victoria’s Secret has some of the coolest styles at really affordable prices. Most of their sports bras are only $20. I have about 10 of them.



Geographic Prints

The crazier the prints and colors, the better. Out are the days of solid color leggings. Instead, you will see your gym rat friends rocking some really cool geographic patterns. One of my favorite places to shop for leggings is Terez. I recently bought glitter capris leggings and just love the glitter effect without them being real glitter, which can get very messy during squats. The prints are great at accenting your muscles and curves and, for you single girls, prints are huge attention grabbers at the gym.




In order to show off those sports bra straps, you need an open back shirt. There are so many awesome styles that are low cut and open in the back – which is great for in and out of the gym. Cutouts are also very popular in leggings. It is about showing off some skin. Some leggings have bands and wraps that you can tie around your legs or you can go for the ones that have full on cut outs throughout the legging. Reebok always wows me with their latest styles, and I can’t help support a brand that does so much for women empowerment.




Cotton, polyester and sweat-wicking are old school. Although we all love Jane Fonda from back in the day, we don’t want to be classified as the outdated dresser in the gym. You’ll always dress to impress with mesh, satin and silk components. Shirts and pants are adding panels of these different types of materials like these leggings I bought from Carbon Fitness Apparel. They are almost too good to wear to the gym.

carbon fitness

Quotes on Shirts

I am big on motivation so quotes on shirts are rocking my world. I am a real sucker when I go to a store and see a shirt that evokes my lady boss mentality. Recently, while shopping at Under Armour, I came across this awesome carpe diem tunic. These quotes shirts are all the rage. You will feel stronger in these shirts and the people around you will feel motivated by what you are wearing. When I wear these kinds of shirts, I always have people coming up to me and saying that they love my shirt.



When you work as hard as you do on your body and being well, you should reward yourself. I like to reward myself with anything besides food. When I’ve reached a particular goal, I allow myself a new sports bra, leggings or something else that will make me feel great about getting up at 5AM and going to gym. It’s the best motivation.

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