Skip These Foods and Skip the Pounds

Summer is here in a few short days. You’ve got back yard BBQs and other summer soirees, visitors and many outings that likely have you freaking out about what to eat. Heck, Summer may have crept [...]


Eat It, Eat It (No, Not a Weird Al Yankovic Song)

As a Health Coach, I get a lot of the same questions: what should I cut from my diet? What shouldn’t I be eating? What’s bad for me? My answer to those questions is why focus on the negative? Why [...]


You Don’t Have to Break Up – Go to Counseling

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about relationships. Specifically, your relationship with food. People’s relationship with food can be like any other relationship in their life. It [...]


Diets are Not A One Size Fits All

Still struggling to find a nutrition plan and lifestyle right for you. I am not surprised. Now is about the time when people start falling off track with their New Year’s resolutions. All I [...]