So What… I Cheat!

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Did you know 1 in 3 Americans cheat…on their diet that is. Some camps would say that is a bad thing, but I think it is brilliant.

This comes from years and years of trial and error when it comes to dieting. I have tried it all since high school. I am now 42 and it took about 22 years for me to master what works best for me. Now everyone is different so I am not suggesting this will work for everyone, but let me start by saying stop dieting. That’s what worked for me. I stopped eating processed food and began eating less carbs and more fats. I basically follow a Mediterranean-type diet. Through this trial and error, I never gave up. I just kept amending the way I ate and the way I exercised in order to live the type of healthy life I like to live.

I give you the above by way of background as this blog is not about my diet or meal plan. It is permission, to some of you (if it works), to cheat. Have at it. Go crazy, but within limits. I cheat one day, one meal. Sometimes if I am having a momentous week, I allow myself to cheat the entire day. As a guide, I weigh myself every week so I know when I can be more flexible. Once the cheat is over – it’s over.

Enjoy yourself and then stop. That’s where most people fail and why some health advisors and experts say it is not good to cheat at all. If you have enough discipline to return yourself to healthy eating, cheating can be a real treat and a good thing for your mind, body, and soul.

Introducing a Fit Girl Cheats: A Fit Girl’s Guide to Cheat Eating.

What is A Fit Girl’s Guide to Cheat Eating? It’s a weekly blog that I am starting to talk about my weekly cheat meal. I hope this helps you as much as it helps me. Shit, it is my favorite part of the week, and I love sharing it with others because even fit people eat unhealthy food and it is only fair to be honest and forthcoming about that.

This week, well most weeks, I have pizza. Why? I am very strict on carbs. I only eat carbs from veggies and fruit, or I eat grain carbs so refined (white dough) like pizza is not within my meal plan unless I cheat. Plus, I just love the cheese and the sweet sauce. Don’t you?

I recently moved to North Myrtle Beach from New York/New Jersey (which has some of the BEST pizza). I was so nervous about where I would get my pizza cheat fix.

Well, I found it. It’s called Gino’s. I go to the location in North Myrtle Beach on Highway 17 North. However, there are locations in Carolina Forest and Myrtle Beach. The Grandma’s Pie featured below, with sausage and pepperoni on it, is my favorite. It is a thin crust, which us New Yorkers like, with the right level of crispy, and sauce has spice, garlic and basil flavor. It’s full of deliciousness.

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As if the pizza was not enough. Well, it would have been, but I had to start with some of their pinwheels. These are like (but better) Cheesy Bread from Dominos, but they are stuffed. They have two flavors, one with spinach and the other with pepperoni. Both send me straight to hog heaven. The spinach is featured below.

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This past week’s cheat meal met all standards, and satisfied any cravings I was having during the week. I mean wasting a cheat meal is like committing a crime. Don’t let that happen. Follow my blog, follow my advice, and come along for the ride on my Fit Girl’s Guide to Cheat Eating adventures. Try the places I go to or ping me for my favorite spots. I travel a lot so there are not many cities I have not been to and tried a cheat meal. You never know, I may just be cheating in a place near you.

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