I am a Hero (I Like the Sound of That)

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I was recently named a Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero. This is a huge honor to be among a select group of empowering and inspirational women who are motivating those around us everyday through health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and more. When I first got word of this, I had to pinch myself. Is it true? Was I chosen? I have won awards before like PR Woman of the Year, PRWeek 40 Under 40 and so on, but this truly takes the cake for me.


Why? Well, after leaving my high profile corporate job in New York City (those of you who have been following me know the whole story) and started my own Integrated Marketing Company Vitola Strategies with a Health Coaching specialization, Vitola Well,  life as I knew it before, became very different. I became happier and more focused and, guess what, healthier and fitter too. This honor is in line with the new me and celebrates where I want to go with my career, which is helping others, through coaching, find happiness and healthfulness.

My Coaching focus is to help Over-Taxed Women, like the person I used to be. Over-Taxed Women are moms, executives, entrepreneurs, wives, etc.  As a woman, I know what it is like to be raised as a nurturer – always putting others before yourself – and to live within the confines of stereotypes. My coaching strategies help women demolish stereotypes to become their best possible self.

Good thing for me, my father never believed I should be raised that way and that led me to achieving the things in life not all women have the characteristics to achieve. But they can have them. I can show them how. There’s a new opportunity for women. It is the era of the empowered woman and it is time for each one to invest in themselves.

Many of you ask me all the time for advice and how I got where I am today a very empowered, happy woman who just was named Women’s Health Action Hero.

Well, as a Certified IIN Health Coach, it’s my job to give advice, but I usually get paid for it. However, I’d like to share some initial advice for free. While you read it, you may think, I can do this. Well, I know you can, but keep in mind, no one ever won a marathon with only a few essential tips, they won by having the right coach by their side encouraging and cheering them on and holding them accountable for aiming for new heights and reaching their goals.

That said, my first tip is…

Get a Coach

If you are one of those that will pay to get your nails done twice a month, a facial every few months, blow outs, daily Starbucks, eating out 3X a week and so on, you can invest in your health and work with me for 6 months where I will coach you through a process that discovers your best self. Whether that means changes in eating, physical activity, relationships, career or spirituality, I’ll work with you to find what’s creating imbalance in your life and develop a plan to help you get your life where you want it to be. I was lucky enough to benefit from having two coaches who really changed my life and got me on my path to where I am today. No one goes at it alone and neither do you need to.

Take a Risk

Change is scary. I get it. But, don’t use age as an excuse not to change your career, get out of a dead-end relationship or follow a dream. I decided to make my change at 40. While some may think that is old, I’ve only lived half of my life (I hope to live longer). Why spend the rest of your life wondering if I took that risk then what would have happened? Just do it. Make a sound plan and take that leap of faith.  Trust me, you always find a way to land on your feet.

Cook More

A real game changer for me. Some would think I lost nearly 40 pounds and gained major muscle definition by eating less and hitting the gym harder. Truth is, it all happened in the kitchen when I began cooking. Knowing the ingredients, you are putting in your body and being able to control what goes into your food is a real game changer. Plus, cooking is very therapeutic.

Stress Less

Living and working in New York City, made me a ball of nerves all the time. I stressed over everything and everything made me angry. I was not a nice person. I could feel the negativity coming off me every day. It was almost as if I could not stop stressing. Well, stress is a killer, it causes heart problems and high blood pressure, weight gain and other diseases. You must put life in perspective and manage stress as much as you manage what you eat and how active you are.

Relax More

It is okay not to have an agenda. When I began my journey, I would often meditate or spend some time just sitting in a chair outside, breathing the fresh air. It was hard for me to do. It was hard to not look at my phone or read something. I felt like I was wasting time and not being productive. Relaxing is part of your wellness journey. Spending time meditating, reflecting or just taking a pause, helps with your mental health, which helps with your overall wellness.

Reading this might not be your trigger to take action. Everyone has their own. Mine was the lack of fulfilment success and money brought to my life no matter how much I had. If this blog is not your trigger, I hope it is the start of new thinking. But, to entice you, you CAN start now because I am offering Summer Coaching Specials at a 50% discount. Take advantage today to get on the path to your happiest and healthiest self ever!

I am challenging you…will you accept?

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